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Tungsten Sputtering Targets

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Tungsten target, belongs to sputtering targets. Its diameter is within 300mm,length is below 500mm,width is below 300mm and the thickness is above 0.3mm. Widely used in vacuum coating industry, target materials raw materials, aerospace industry, Marine automobile industry, electrical industry, instruments industry, etc.

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Characteristics of Tungsten Sputtering Targets

1) High purity, the purity of the target after sintering and forging can usually be higher than 99.95%. Generally speaking, under the condition that other conditions remain unchanged, the higher the purity of the target material, the better the electrical properties of the resulting coating, and the less likely the corresponding circuit is to be short-circuited or damaged.

2) The cost is relatively reasonable, and the speed of direct pressing by powder metallurgy is faster, which can effectively shorten the production cycle and thus reduce the cost.

3) High density, the target density after sintering and forging can reach more than 19.1g/cm³.

4) The deflection strength is high, and the composition and structure of the finished target produced by ultra-fine pure tungsten powder are relatively uniform and consistent.

5) Good thermochemical stability, not prone to volume expansion or contraction, chemical reaction with other substances, etc.

6) Low resistance, will not make the circuit generate unnecessary energy.

In addition, it has the characteristics of high melting point, high elasticity, low expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, non-toxic and non-radioactive

tungsten sputtering targets

Tungsten Target Application
Widely used in flat panel displays, solar cells, integrated circuits, automotive glass, microelectronics, memory, X-ray tubes, medical equipment, melting equipment and other products.

Sizes of Tungsten Targets:
Disc target:
Diameter: 10mm to 360mm
Thickness: 1mm to 10mm

Planar target
Width: 20mm to 600mm
Length: 20mm to 2000mm
Thickness: 1mm to 10mm

Rotary target
Outer diameter: 20mm to 400mm
Wall thickness: 1mm to 30mm
Length: 100mm to 3000mm

Tungsten Sputtering Target Specifications:
Appearance: silver white metal luster
Purity: W≥99.95%
Density: more than 19.1g/cm3
Supply state: Surface polishing, CNC machine processing
Quality standard: ASTM B760-86, GB 3875-83

pure tungsten sputtering targets

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