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Tungsten Products

Tungsten Products

  • W1 WAL Tungsten Wire

    W1 WAL Tungsten Wire

    Tungsten wire is one of the most widely used tungsten products. It is an important material for making filaments of various lighting lamps, electron tube filaments, picture tube filaments, evaporation heaters, electric thermocouples, electrodes and contact devices, and high-temperature furnace heating elements.

  • Tungsten Sputtering Targets

    Tungsten Sputtering Targets

    Tungsten target, belongs to sputtering targets. Its diameter is within 300mm,length is below 500mm,width is below 300mm and the thickness is above 0.3mm. Widely used in vacuum coating industry, target materials raw materials, aerospace industry, Marine automobile industry, electrical industry, instruments industry, etc.

  • Tungsten Evaporation Boats

    Tungsten Evaporation Boats

    Tungsten boat has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Tungsten Electrode for TIG Welding

    Tungsten Electrode for TIG Welding

    Due to the characteristics of tungsten, it is very suitable for TIG welding and other electrode materials similar to this kind of work. Adding rare earth oxides to metal tungsten to stimulate its electronic work function, so that the welding performance of tungsten electrodes can be improved: the arc starting performance of the electrode is better, the stability of the arc column is higher, and the electrode burn rate is smaller. Common rare earth additives include cerium oxide, lanthanum oxide, zirconium oxide, yttrium oxide, and thorium oxide.

  • Pure Tungsten Rod Tungsten Bar

    Pure Tungsten Rod Tungsten Bar

    Pure tungsten rod/tungsten bar are generally used to manufacture emitting cathode, high temperature setting lever, support, lead, print needle and all kinds of electrodes and the quartz furnace heater.

  • Pure Tungsten Plate Tungsten Sheet

    Pure Tungsten Plate Tungsten Sheet

    Pure tungsten plate mainly used in manufacturing electric light source and electric vacuum parts, boats, heatshield and heat bodies in high temperature furnace.