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Tungsten Copper WCu Heat Sink

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Tungsten copper material can form a good thermal expansion match with ceramic materials, semiconductor materials, metal materials, etc., and is widely used in microwave, radio frequency, semiconductor high-power packaging, semiconductor lasers and optical communications and other fields.

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Tungsten copper electronic packaging material has both the low expansion properties of tungsten and the high thermal conductivity properties of copper. What is particularly valuable is that its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be designed by adjusting the composition of the material brought great convenience.

FOTMA uses high-purity and high-quality raw materials, and obtains WCu electronic packaging materials and heat sink materials with excellent performance after pressing, high-temperature sintering and infiltration. 

Tungsten Copper WCu Heat Sink
copper tungsten heat sink
WCu heat sink

Advantages of Tungsten Copper (WCu) Electronic Packaging Materials

1. The tungsten copper electronic packaging material has an adjustable thermal expansion coefficient, which can be matched with different substrates (such as: stainless steel, valve alloy, silicon, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, aluminum oxide, etc.);

2. No sintering activation elements are added to maintain good thermal conductivity;

3. Low porosity and good air tightness;

4. Good size control, surface finish and flatness.

5. Provide sheet, formed parts, also can meet the needs of electroplating.

Copper Tungsten Heat Sink Properties

Material Grade Tungsten Content Wt% Density g/cm3 Thermal Expansion ×10-6  CTE(20℃) Thermal Conductivity W/(M·K)
90WCu 90±2% 17.0 6.5 180 (25℃) /176 (100℃)
85WCu 85±2% 16.4 7.2 190 (25℃)/ 183 (100℃)
80WCu 80±2% 15.65 8.3 200 (25℃) / 197 (100℃)
75WCu 75±2% 14.9 9.0 230 (25℃) / 220 (100℃)
50WCu 50±2% 12.2 12.5 340 (25℃) / 310 (100℃)

Application of Tungsten Copper Heat Sinks

Materials suitable for packaging with high-power devices, such as substrates, lower electrodes, etc.; high-performance lead frames; thermal control boards and radiators for military and civilian thermal control devices.

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