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CMC CuMoCu Heat Sink

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Cu/Mo/Cu(CMC) heat sink, also known as CMC alloy, is a sandwich structured and flat-panel composite material. It uses pure molybdenum as the core material, and is covered with pure copper or dispersion strengthened copper on both sides.

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CMC CuMoCu Material Application

Low Expansion Layers and Thermal Paths for Heat Sinks, Lead Frames, Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), etc.

Heat sink material on aircraft, heat sink material on radar.

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CMC electric packageing material
CMC heat sink

CMC Heat Sink Advantages

1. CMC composite adopts a new process, multilayer copper-molybdenum-copper, the bonding between copper and molybdenum is tight, there is no gap, and there will be no interface oxidation during subsequent hot rolling and heating, so that the bonding strength between molybdenum and copper is excellent, So that the finished material has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient and the best thermal conductivity;

2. The molybdenum-copper ratio of CMC is very good, and the deviation of each layer is controlled within 10%; SCMC material is a multi-layer composite material. The structural composition of the material from top to bottom is: copper sheet - molybdenum sheet - copper sheet - molybdenum sheet... copper sheet, it can be composed of 5 layers, 7 layers or even more layers. Compared with CMC, SCMC will have the lowest thermal expansion coefficient and the highest thermal conductivity.

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Grade of CMC Cu-Mo-Cu Materials

Grade Density g/cm3 Coefficient of thermal Expansion ×10-6  (20℃) Thermal conductivity W/(M·K)
CMC111 9.32 8.8 305(XY)/250(Z)
CMC121 9.54 7.8 260(XY)/210(Z)
CMC131 9.66 6.8 244(XY)/190(Z)
CMC141 9.75 6 220(XY)/180(Z)
CMC13/74/13 9.88 5.6 200(XY)/170(Z)
Material Wt% Molybdenum Content g/cm3 Density Thermal conductivity at 25℃ Coefficient of thermal Expansion at 25℃
S-CMC 5 9.0 362 14.8
10 9.0 335 11.8
13.3 9.1 320 10.9
20 9.2 291 7.4

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