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Forged Steel Girth Gear

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Forged steel girth gear ring is widely used in cement plant, rotary kiln, mining, lifting, light industry, chemical industry, transportation, construction and other machinery and equipment deceleration mechanism.

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Customized Forged Steel Girth Gear Ring/Gear Segment

Girth gear is the key component to support the transmission system stability of rotary kiln and ball mill, which are often forged or cast structure high quality and strength alloy steel with surface carburizing or hardening treatment. Girth gears have the high bearing capacity and durable. In practical application, which is widely used in high speed and heavy load machinery, because of its stable transmission, low impact, vibration and noise. Our company can produce different type gear ring and wheel such as spur gear, helical gear, herringbone gear wheel and gear ring according to the customer's drawing and requirements.

Features of Our Girth Gear Rings

Module Range: 10 Module to 70 Module.

Diameter: Min 800mm to16000 mm.

Weight: Max 120 MT single piece.

Three different designs: Fabricated steel - forged ring - rolled plate

Standards / Certificates: • UNI EN ISO • AWS • ASTM • ASME • DIN

Forged Steel Girth Gear (4)

Advantages of Girth Gears

1. Heavy load capacity, long lifespan.

2. High precision, large diameter and module.

3. Stable transmission, low impact, vibration and noise.

4. Products with Customers' Designs.

5. Strong Machining & Heat Treatment Abilities.

6. Strict Quality Control.

7. Prompt Delivery.

Specifications of Our Girth Gears

No. Item Description
1 Diameter ≤15m
2 Module ≤45
3 Material Cast Alloy Steel, Cast Carbon Steel, Forged Alloy Steel, Forged Carbon Steel
4 Structure From Integrated, Half to Half, Four Pieces and More Pieces
5 Heat Treatment Quenching & Tempering, Normalizing & Tempering, Carburizing & Quenching & Tempering
6 Tooth Form Annular Gear, Outer Gear Ring
7 Standard ISO, EN, DIN, AISI, ASTM, JIS, IS, GB
Forged Steel Girth Gear (5)
Forged Steel Girth Gear (1)
Forged Steel Girth Gear (6)

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