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Cemented Tungsten Carbide Spray Nozzles

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Carbide nozzles offer the advantage of economy and longer service life when rough handling and media for cutting abrasives (glass beads, steel shot, steel grit, minerals or cinders) cannot be avoided. Carbide has traditionally been the material of choice for carbide nozzles.

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Applications of Cemented Carbide Nozzles:

Carbide nozzles are widely used in surface treatment, sandblasting, painting, electronics, chemical process and other industries.
Carbide nozzles are also used in different applications such as for wire straightening, wire guides and others.

Carbide for sandblasting
Carbide nozzles are an essential part of sandblasting equipment. The sandblasting equipment is powered by compressed air, and sprays the material to the surface of the workpiece at a high speed through a high-speed jet to achieve the purpose of surface treatment. Compared with nozzles made of other materials, such as steel nozzles, carbide nozzles have higher hardness, strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can better meet the needs of application conditions.

Carbide nozzles for oil drilling
In the process of oil drilling, it is generally in a relatively harsh environment, so the nozzle needs to withstand the high-speed impact of high-pressure abrasives during the working process, which is more prone to wear and failure. Ordinary materials are prone to thermal deformation or cracking, and nozzles need to be replaced frequently, which reduces work efficiency. Carbide nozzles can better improve this situation because of their high hardness, high strength and excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

cemented carbide spray nozzles

Carbide Nozzle for CWS
When the coal-water slurry nozzle is working, it is mainly subjected to the low-angle erosion of the coal-water slurry, and the wear mechanism is mainly plastic deformation and micro-cutting. Compared with CWS nozzles made of other metal materials, cemented carbide nozzles have better wear resistance and corrosion resistance and have a longer service life (usually more than 1000h). However, cemented carbide itself is brittle, its hardness, toughness and thermal shock resistance are lower than other metal materials, it is not easy to process, and it is not suitable for making nozzles with complex shape and structure.

Carbide Atomizing Nozzle
The atomization forms of cemented carbide atomizing nozzles can be divided into pressure atomization, rotary atomization, electrostatic atomization, ultrasonic atomization and bubble atomization. Compared with other types of nozzles, cemented carbide nozzles can achieve the spray effect without an air compressor. The shape of the atomization is generally circular or fan-shaped, with good atomization effect and wide coverage. It is used in agricultural production spraying and industrial spraying. It is widely used in spraying, dust removal and humidification in manufacturing.

Advantages of Carbide Nozzles: Corrosion resistance, long service life, excellent performance, cost-effective, and not easy to wear.

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