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99.95% Pure Molybdenum Rod Molybdenum Bar

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Pure molybdenum rod / molybdenum bar made by 100% original raw materials. All the moly rod / moly bar we supply can be made with sizes as per customers’ requests.

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Molybdenum content: 99.95%.
Diameter: 1.0mm – 100mm.
Length: 20-2000mm.
Surface: Forged surface, Machined surface, Find ground surface.
Density: ≥ 10.1 g/cm3.
Standard: GB4188-84.
Type: MO-1, MO-2.
Polished Molybdenum rods are applied for making components in Electronic vacuum devices, guide rod, electrode, lead, etc. Mo-1 Purity: 99.95% Min.
Mo. Rod are applied for making high temperature-resistance devices, heater rod in furnace.

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Molybdenum Rods Application

1) Used in glass, glass fiber, and glass kiln industry, it can serve a long time in metaled glass Liquid at 1300 centigrade.

2) Suitable for producing ion implantation parts.

3) For producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components.

4) For producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces.

5) Used as electrodes in the field of rare earth metal industry.

Our molybdenum rods / molybdenum bars are made from very fine-grained materials, with surface machined or ground. Every molybdenum rod / moly bar we supply is subjected to ultrasound testing. Our molybdenum products are widely used for glass melting electrodes, injection molding, in the field of device and machining technology or in the lighting industry.

FOTMA produces pure and lanthanated doped molybdenum rod. The lanthanated doped molybdenum rods are targeted for use in higher temperature applications where ductility is retained after recrystallization for material with smaller cross sections.

Tolerance for the machined moly rods
diameter(mm) Tolerance of Diameter length(mm) Tolerance of length
2-16mm ±0.05mm 300-2000 ±1mm
16-20mm ±0.05mm 300-2000 ±1mm
20-30mm ±0.05mm 250-2000 ±1mm
30-45mm ±0.05mm 250-2000 ±1mm
45-60mm ±0.1mm 250-1500 ±1mm
60-100mm ±0.1mm 250-1200 ±1mm


1) Ppaper wrapped the sheets, then plastic paper protected from moisture.
2) Foam board around the the inner wooden case.
3) Standard exported plywood case outside.

Delivery Period:
Sample orders: in 10-15 days.
Bulk Purchase orders: in 20-25 days.

Shipment Methods:
By express (DHL,FedEx).
By Sea or Air shipment.
By Train.
We also can deliver as the customers' request.

Molybdenum rod Molybdenum bar (2)

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